About Me

Hi there! I’m Tyane. I was born in Oakland, California, raised in Indiana in a small town between Indianapolis and Lafayette, and now live in Noblesville. Why do I live in Indiana? I didn’t have much of a choice when I was four. My dad was also in the Navy, so he fought to move to Indiana, which was close to his family

Tyane I work from home as an administrative assistant for a hot tub company. The opportunity came at the right time after a job and childcare loss in 2013. A local regional manager posted the opening for someone to work from home a few hours a week to help him with office duties while he traveled. Three years later, I still work for the company, and love what I do.

Blogging isn’t a new hobby of mine. My blogging start date was in 2012. I blogged about my recipe creations. When work and home life became crazy, I stopped blogging. I picked it back up in August 2016 while my husband traveled for work. It was a nighttime hobby that kept myself sane during that wild journey.

I love to cook and bake. The gift of cooking came from my mother, who was a phenomenal at it. I also give credit to my grandmother who was awesome with baking and cake decorating. . Call me crazy, but my kitchen therapy is soothing. I use this therapy to my advantage on the weekends.

My other hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time outdoors. I’ve began to resurface my crafty and creative side, as well. I love to walk my dogs and wear my boys out near my quiet neighborhood.

Notre Dame LogoI also have a huge heart for sports. Since I was little, I was the girl that hung out with my uncles, dad, and grandfather in front of the TV, instead of at the kitchen table with the girls. I love my Indianapolis Colts and Notre Dame football. I also enjoy watching my Atlanta Braves Baseball. On occasion, I watch basketball, but I get into it more with the college teams, especially during March Madness.

I am a boymom. I have four boys, ages 10, 8, 5, and 3. My older two come from my first marriage, while my younger two are from my current marriage. My husband is my college sweetheart and partner-in-crime. We met in 2010 and have been married since June 2012. We are total opposites, but love each other because of it.

Some other random things to learn about me include:

  • I’m a coffee junkie and wine enthusiast.
  • My favorite music genres are alternative and grunge.
  • I prefer music over TV shows and movies
  • Before my life as a WAHM, I was an insurance agent.
  • My favorite color is orange.
  • I hate driving next to semi trucks and flying on airplanes.


About the Site-Tyane Milem

I’ve loved writing since I was little. I would write stories in journals, diaries, and notebooks, everywhere I went. English was my favorite school subject, and I looked forward to writing research papers. I was the shy, quiet nerd with a passion to write.

One of my life goals is to write a book. Since my mom’s sudden death in 1998, it’s inspired me to write about my journey of the grieving process and how I’ve become who I am today. I’ve started that writing journey this year, and hope to have it published by Fall 2017. I plan to write about my journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


My goal is to help others find a love for writing. Getting into a writing routine is hard (I still find myself in writing ruts, I feel ya!). I also want to make writing fun. I hope to share with you lovely people writing prompts and challenges to help you write and accomplish any writing goals.


Have any questions, comments, suggestions? Fill out the form below. I’m always open to hearing anything!



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