1. I think a lot of time I don't give myself credit when it comes to my parenting, but I have a full-time job, write and maintain a blog and a freelance design company, and most importantly, am a single mom to my 5 year old daughter. While some days it is harder than others, my daughter is loved and well-taken care of. And because of that, I think I rock at mamahood :) #fdflinkparty
    • That is awesome!! Sometimes we just have to sit back and think about how we are doing with parenting. Even when my kids run around and won't listen all day long, I know that I'm doing my best to take care of them. Even when I feel like a failure.
  2. This post is simply awesome....You are definitely a rocking mom.Thanks for tagging me in your post and its a great opportunity on looking back myself on how good I am as a mom.Thank you Tyane
  3. I LOVE IT!! This is perfect actually, my friend & fellow Hoosier! On my "Bucket List of Articles" has been writing a piece on "How I Rock Motherhood, 26 Years and Counting"! Thank You and I am on it!! Teresa
  4. OMG, you had four c-sections!? Bless your heart! I absolutely agree, you are rocking motherhood! Motherhood (parenthood) is the hardest job out there. After all, it's the only job that doesn't come with instructions.Thank you so much for sharing! #fdflinkparty
    • I've joked with the doctor about just installing a zipper...bahaha! I'm done with having more. Motherhood is tough, but the rewards totally make up the difference!
  5. 4 c-sections? Holy crap you are my hero. If we met I would bow down, that is amazing and intense. Also though, it takes alot to see what you are rocking and how you may be able to improve. Putting your kid first is an auto response, but don't forget to take time for yourself! You sound like you are indeed rocking motherhood, so make sure you always do something for yourself everyday. Even if it's something really small. I only have 1 and I get overwhelmed! Gonna have to start following you regularly, I really liked this!
    • This blogging journey has given me my "self-care" time because I love writing. I've expanded to other hobbies I've neglected, too. Taking care of my needs is a work in progress, but as the kids get older, it's been easier to find the time again. It's super easy to get overwhelmed, even with just one kiddo!
  6. I have had one C-section and the after effect was terrible. This article is so inspiring for someone like me who is still struggling with work life balance. Number 7 is what I need to work most on. Very well written!
    • My first c-section was traumatizing. Luckily my other three were smooth-sailing. It took me forever to find my work/life balance, but it sure does take time. You will get it!! :)
  7. High five to a fellow former single mom from a fellow former single mom! Just recently found myself in the stay at home mom role. Which has been interesting. You are rocking mama for sure! =) Visiting via Mama Monday Pin Party
  8. What a great post! As moms, we spend so much time criticizing ourselves unnecessarily. No one is perfect, yet we expect perfection. This is very inspirational. We should all spend more time noticing what's going well.
    • My biggest piece of advice for when the kids become too much...walk away for a few. If you have to, lock yourself in the bathroom for five minutes. Use those few minutes to take some deep breaths and re-collect your thoughts. I do this A LOT and I feel better to move on with the day. I'm far from perfect, but stepping away to calm down gives me a little bit more sanity, than not finding space, at al!
  9. I would say I rock. I am a full time mommipreneur. I chase a toddler throughout the day. Have dinner ready by 3pm. Chauffer the kids around to all their activities. And still manage to have a moment to myself.
  10. This is such a positive thoughtful post. i have been struggling with the idea of motherhood. i come from a society that puts pressure on procreation. my in laws are the kind that monitor my cycles! this post has made me think of motherhood in a positive way.
  11. Elizabeth O.

    You have definitely gone through a lot and I admire you for you strength and dedication to give your family a better life. You're an inspiration to many mothers out there who are currently going through what you have. I hope you continue to inspire!
  12. CourtneyLynne

    Awwww you sound like you're definitely rocking mommy hood!!! C sections are definitely rough!!! I had one with my daughter
  13. 4 c-sections? I can't imagine! The rest of your list hit very close to home. Sleep-deprived is definitely something ALL moms go through at one point or another. Thanks so much for posting your blog post to the #FanDayFriday Link Party! I hope you have a great experience with the link party and come back again next week! #fdflinkparty
  14. You're definitetly rocking motherhood and kudos to you for real, it can't have been easy having a baby and toddler with differnt sleep patterns but other kids to think about.
  15. Parenting is the biggest job of all, and like you said, for single moms, it's even more! I deal with so much as a single mom that sometimes I just want to crawl under a rock. But then, I think, who the heck is going to be there for them? No one, so I pull up my big girl panties and get on with life. haha My motivation, besides knowing I'm doing a good job as a single mother, coffee, chocolate & wine! I deserve rewards too. lol

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